Best Sporadically Active Venue Illegally Located in a Former Rap Star's Basement (2010)

Under 100

Ah, Under 100, or whatever they're calling it today. The venue, located in the Tribeca basement of former Jay-Z confederate Damon Dash, has been through a lot in the year or so since it first started hosting WTF sets from local indie-rock bands. An exposé printed in these pages enraged a local community board (Dash, too) and got the illegal, unlicensed venue temporarily shut down last winter. Shortly after that, the entire loft was reborn as Creative Control, a Warhol-esque complex that just happened to have a performance space in the basement. And artists continued to play there, on the low—a secret Erykah Badu record release party was a spring highlight. Since then, the kids behind the space have moved into promoting shows elsewhere (they're the ones who brought Harlem rap capo Jim Jones to Williamsburg punk dive Death by Audio in August), joining in the Creative Control circus, and calling us to complain every time we write up a show there. And yet they keep having them.

Location Details

172 Duane St.
New York NY 10013


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