Best Spurious Campaign Against a Brooklyn- Centric Genre (Led by a Brooklyn-Centric Band) (2010)

R.I.P. Brooklyn Lo-Fi

R.I.P. Brooklyn Lo-Fi is the slogan of Brooklyn's Mr. Dream, a Nirvana-reviving, vitriol-spilling three-piece with a lot of hostility for their neighbors. Brooklyn lo-fi, of course, is the timid, badly recorded stock-in-trade of local zeitgeist labels Underwater Peoples and Captured Tracks, whose bands—led by the tentative garage pop of Beach Fossils, Real Estate, Julian Lynch, et al.—have had 2010 on lock around here, despite the fact that most of these artists are from New Jersey. Mr. Dream, who make up for their own indifferent recordings with a kind of savagery and punk attitude, are the loudest three dissenting voices in the borough at the moment; their raucous shows and public antics are a nice riposte to the well-mannered, often-inaudible music currently coming out of Brooklyn. We salute their attempt to take Williamsburg back.


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