Best Young Playwright (2010)

Annie Baker

Naming someone "Best Young Playwright" is tricky in a city so full of ascribing scribblers. We suspect that the best young playwright in New York never even gets producedthat he or she is a genius that no one understands, and so he or she doesn't get staged. Of the talented under-30s whom we are lucky enough to hear from, though, there's one we've especially fallen for, a writer whose plays have a quiet, hypnotic charm, a grace and humor that have won over audiences the past few seasons. She's able to take ordinary, low-key situationsa small-town acting class, guys wasting time in an alley behind a cafeand fill them with gentle comedy, generosity of spirit, and an eye (and ear) for the foibles that make us all so hopelessly human. Can a writer be a titan of modesty? If so, Annie Baker might be well on her way. Last season, she won a dual Obie for her plays Circle Mirror Transformation and The Aliens. We doubt very much taht'll be her last trip up to an awards podium.


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