Best '80s/Top 40 Dance Party (2010)

MMP! vs BBG!

Like the future of Lady Gaga's fame, our favorite pop dance party came and went faster than we could spell out what the acronym stood for. MMP! vs BBG! was an offshoot of DJ Deejay's formerly monthly Madonna-Michael-Prince party at (le) poisson rouge. The BBG portion (Beyoncé-Britney-Gaga) brought those '80s relics face-to-face with spawns of the Z100 era. The result? The music's kind of all the same—fun and dancey. Unfortunately, the party has moved to Philly on what seems to be a permanent basis; there hasn't been an MMP! in New York since Gay Pride. Luckily, the relocation occurred just when we got so over Lady Gaga we'd probably have stopped going anyway. But keep on the lookout for Deejay, who still spins '50s and '60s rock at the Hudson Hotel on Thursdays. And an occasional return of MMP! and its strict level of curation is always possible and welcome. The oldies are still the besties.


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