Best Bar for Allergy Attacks (2010)


Who came up with this place, the makers of Benadryl? The front room of Sycamore doubles as a florist's shop, and we love the Ditmas Park whiskey bar and performance space's complete lack of regard for the number of New Yorkers with serious hay fever. Oh, well, take a pill (make sure it's non-drowsy) and get a few stems of something nice—or go for the $10 bouquet-and-beer deal. The flower shop is open till 8 p.m., by which point the bar is just a bar—and a good one, at that. The downstairs cavern hosts comedians, indie bands, and what must be this deep Brooklyn neighborhood's only gay party, Squirrelly. Behind the bar, there are countless whiskeys we've never heard of and a diverse lineup of beers on tap and by the bottle. In the warmer months, patrons are welcome to grill on a spacious back deck, though more than once we were deterred by kiddie birthday parties hosted by gay dads and the like. But that's OK. We were sneezing too much to have spent any more time outdoors.


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