Best Club for Remaining Anonymous (2010)

The Box

Absolutely no one will notice you at the downtown pseudo-decadence-center The Box. First of all, you could cut the attitude with a hatchet, starting with the look given by the sadistic doorman as he deigns to let you come in and pay. Once inside, you'll find that the multilevel jewel box of a place is all shadows and fog, with dim lighting protecting those with bad skin and/or prison records. And with various salacious acts, usually involving diverse pairings of gender-benders and musclemen trotting out onstage, no one's going to be looking much at you in your homemade hat and Payless shoes. Enjoy the anonymity. It might be the only time you get some peace and quiet after midnight.

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Location Details

189 Chrystie St.
New York NY 10002


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