Best Drag Act (2010)

Sherry Vine, Peppermint, DAllas DuBois, Shequida, Epiphany, Sahara Davenport, Sultana

Check it out! It's an act that doesn't rely on just tired, old lip-synching, but real vocalizing, too—you know, music actually coming from the drag queen's own vocal cords. And it's high-quality singing, not the scratchy, straining-for-notes kind of horror you get in a lot of out-of-city bars. Also, the act stays away from the cheap bitchiness and obvious raciness that so many drag queens fall back on when actual wit fails them ("Somebody come up here and suck my dick. Yes, I do have a dick! I tucked it so far up tonight that my butt is spewing out M&Ms"). Furthermore, it stays away from decades-old imitations of Whitney Houston at her crackiest, even if they seem strangely relevant today. (That routine just pops up in too many drag shows. It's the drag equivalent of blind-date jokes.) It's also nice to see a variety of material, not just Britney and Beyoncé songs. And the drag queens eventually get off the stage here, too, which is an amazing concept (so many of them refuse to abdicate their spotlight until they're heckled off or they collapse). Got it? Good. Now if anyone has any idea where this act can be found, please tell us how to get on the list! But wait! We've found it! Mix Sherry Vine's sardonic edge with Peppermint's showmanship and Dallas DuBois's spunk and Shequida's pipes and Epiphany's sex appeal and Sahara Davenport's high kicks and Sultana's wiggles and you've got it. The ultimate drag act was here all along!


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