Best Erratic Dive With an Erotic Name (2010)

The Cock

You never know what you're getting when you enter the dingy but sporadically festive gay club known as The Cock, the home of weekly parties like "Sperm," "Joystick," and "Twin Cheeks." Past the pleasingly informal door help, the atmosphere is dark and woozy, and sometimes that will lead you to some interesting encounters with East Villagey characters, the kind who only loosen up after a few cocktails in a hole-in-the-wall like this. But other nights, it'll be deader than the performance-art scene, with the customers standing around with an impenetrable aura that makes you wonder why they left the house in the first place. Still, it gets way friskier as it gets later, and it's worth the crapshoot, especially since, if your night's a bust, two other bars—Woody's and Urge—are right next door. Stay on that strip all night and keep checking on the Cock to see if it's developed.

Location Details

29 Second Ave.
New York NY 10003


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