Best Nabe for Gay-Bar Hopping (2010)

West Village

When the buzz moved from the West Village to Chelsea in the '90s, the scene became a little geographically harder to categorize, but not as much as when tons of gays later migrated from Chelsea to Hell's Kitchen. But as with any cycle, this one has spun back again like a broken rubber band, and a lot of the heat has returned to point one. The site of the Stonewall riots in '69, the WV has been a spiritual gay epicenter for so long that it's only natural it should still provide such a compelling array of boozing, whoring, and wisdom. The place is drenched in history, providing a rich subtext to all the unapologetic street life and club culture that make it very much of the moment. Cultures blend and niche markets collide in a one-stop-shopping experience filled with boîtes of all ilks, populated with LGBTs of all shapes and sizes. A West Village jaunt that takes you to Pieces, the Monster, the Duplex, Marie's Crisis, Stonewall Tavern, Boots & Saddle, Ty's, the Hangar Bar, Chi Chiz, and Rockbar continues to be the most rewarding booze crawl in town. By evening's end, you will have hung with twinks, show queens, leathermen, bears, otters, transsexuals, and lesbians. Top that, HK!


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