There was a time when you couldn't enter an East Village bar without encountering Medieval Madness or Cactus Canyon. Coney Island arcades had walls devoted to Attack From Mars and Funhouse. But where are the extra balls of yesteryear? Sorry, but Big Buck Hunter II is not an adequate substitute. Happily, at least one Williamsburg boîte is offering the pinball-deprived a chance to tilt again like they did last summer. Located on a quiet block of Havemeyer, Satellite Lounge has several attractive features—candy-colored pendant lighting, distractingly good background music, a-beer-and-a-shot specials. But the real draw is the six pinball machines kept in fine working order. A recent visit yielded many happy rounds of the '90s classic Monster Ball and several exciting turns at a more recent Batman game. (The pinball version of Big Buck Hunter offered very little in the way of fun, but this was hardly a surprise.) You get only three balls per play, but the flippers have good action and replays are set at a reachable score. Plus, all machines boast beer holders. So have a ball—preferably a multi-ball.

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Location Details

143 Havemeyer St.
Brooklyn NY 11211


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