We're always trying to find a Village bar that new transplants to the neighborhood don't go to, so that slightly older transplants like us can have an authentic experience among the people who are actually from here. Follow? At Knickerbocker Bar & Grill, Midwesterners, people under 24, and hooker boots are scarce, except on NYU graduation day. The rest of the time, the steak-and-jazz mainstay's bar area is clustered with real estate moguls, business journalists, Alec Baldwin, and little old ladies who like to have their T-bones from the same stool at the same time every day. We've been propositioned by ridiculously rich old people several times; all of them live within a block of the University Place restaurant. The clientele simply cannot be beat. Plus, when the liquor finally gets to you, Knickerbocker's got the best drunk food ever. No, it's not hot wings (though, in an uncharacteristic menu choice, they do have them). We're talking about the spaghetti and tomato sauce, its thick, chewy noodles having sopped up more than one night's worth of getting soused with old-timey Villagers who have money to burn.

Location Details

33 University Place
New York NY 10003


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