Best Taste of Vegas in the Meatpacking District (2010)

The Top of the Standard

The real Sin City comes to Gotham with The Top of the Standard (formerly called the Boom Boom Room), the Vegas-y club on the 18th floor of the Standard Hotel, where, for a year, names, name-droppers, and Euros with euros have gasped at the views of the New York skyline if they weren't already blinded by the centrally placed chandelier that explodes like a sunburst. The sleekly designed place is filled with chichi areas that vary between cozy woods and shiny metals for an art deco–meets–Luxe on the Vegas Strip effect that feels so wrong with the current zeitgeist it proves to be almost right. Even the bathrooms are fancy-assed, with yet more views to behold as you glamorously relieve yourself. Just don't think of trying to get past the door goddess unless you look right—for New York, not for Vegas. It's harder than ever, now that the place has gone private (as opposed to just exclusive), so maybe you should try for access to the level above that: the hotel's newish Le Bain club, an Astroturfed roof deck with pink waterbeds. You've arrived in tacky heaven!

Location Details

848 Washington St.
New York NY 10014


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