Closest Thing to a Big Gay Dance Club (2010)

Club 57

Large dance spaces rolled over and died once Giuliani and the Internet rose to power, but for over a year Tony Fornabaio and Brandon Voss's Club 57 (Saturday nights at Providence) has been providing life support to the genre with three levels of body-shaking mayhem. Swarms of customers from Chelsea, New Jersey, Long Island, and other areas spend every Saturday night racing up and down stairs among the varying ambiences of this strip mall for gay clubbies with rhythm. On the main floor, the gays wiggle around, stop to watch a disco diva perform, then wiggle some more; the upstairs has them shimmying to more esoteric music while holding two drinks; and the downstairs finds the crowd raising their fists in the air and creating a party atmosphere that leaves everyone Gaga. None of those spaces is as huge as those of the dance halls from the past, but add them up and you've got a sizable palace that, in its own way, keeps the Roxy/Sound Factory ethic going into the early morning. And there are usually cabs outside when you finish.

Location Details

311 W. 57th St.
New York NY 10019


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