Most Famously Overexposed Nightlife Figures (2010)

Real Housewife

It's impossible to leave the house anymore without seeing a Real Housewife—of New York, of Atlanta, of New Jersey, of Uranus. There are more of them than there are rats by Madison Square Park, and they all happen to be heat-seeking missiles who love the spotlight so fervently that they inevitably find themselves roaming the clubs for acceptance as you dodge for cover again and again. These gals are everywhere! They go to straight clubs, gay clubs, white clubs, black clubs, and mixed clubs. They go out to promote their memoirs, their records, their relationships, their divorces, their feuds, and their spin-offs. They're usually nice enough, but they're generally not even worth saying "hi" to because by the end of the conversation, they've been replaced on the show—and then, in a matter of minutes, you'll start seeing the new gals every single night! Can't these women do like housewives used to and just stay home?


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