Oldest Feud (2010)

Amanda Lepore and Sophia Lamar

Amanda Lepore and Sophia Lamar, the scene's two most enduring transsexual icons, used to be tighter than the Hilton sisters (the original ones, who were conjoined and in a circus—not Paris and Nicky). They were trannie twins who carried on in tandem, Amanda with her giddy old-style glamour and Sophia with her riveting faux-misanthropy. They made sense together. They amped up a room together. They exchanged makeup tips and probably even boyfriend tips. Then they split after some business-related fight that happened so long ago even they probably don't remember what it was about. And it's time all that finally became as glossed over as their lips and thrown into the garbage like yesterday's press-on nails. We need these two on the same team again! Somebody play trannie Cupid.


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