Best Hummus Alternative (2010)


Muhammara is to hummus what a Ferrari is to a Volvo: Where hummus is earthy and unassuming, muhammara is all fire and bold proclamations. And like a Ferrari, the Middle Eastern dip—made from walnuts, red peppers, hot pepper flakes, bread crumbs, and pomegranate molasses—is relatively difficult to find. Fortunately, Tanoreen serves an excellent version. At the recently expanded Palestinian restaurant, the muhammara packs considerable heat, but it hits plenty of sweet, nutty notes as well. The combination of flavors is symphonic, and so is the texture, which is silky yet full of bite, courtesy of the walnuts. Piled onto pita, it's a joy ride.

Location Details

7523 3rd Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11217


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