Best Place to Marvel at Unfamiliar Food Slang (2010)

Bunny Chow

British foodisms are much ballyhooed, what with "spotted dick" and "tipsy hedgehog," but South Africa more than holds its own in the annals of amazing food slang. How about "bunny chow"? It involves neither carrots nor braised rabbit, instead consisting of a hollowed-out heel of bread filled with curry and topped with chutney and crowned with the virgin—that's the scooped-out bread innards. Then there's the wonderful onomatopoeia of "slup chips"—South African–style french fries, distinguished by their fat floppiness. Slup-slup-slup, the fries say. Experience solid versions of these oddly named foods at Bunny Chow, the South African restaurant that opened this year on the Lower East Side.

Location Details

74 Orchard St.
New York NY 10002


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