Best Spirulina Makeover (2010)

Boomtown Baked Goods

Typically associated with musty health-food-store aisles and diet supplements, spirulina can thank the folks at Boomtown Baked Goods for providing it with a decidedly more appetizing role. The blue-green algae are used as food coloring in the bakery's vegan, gluten-free Oreo mint cookie, giving the mint filling an attractive olive-green hue. Rest assured the spirulina is present only in color: The filling, which is made from whipped tofu and cashew butter, is minty-fresh. It's flanked by two cakey chocolate-chunk cookies that taste of high-quality cocoa; they may have been inspired by restrictive diets, but their flavor is pure liberation. Hester Street fair, every Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., April through December


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