Rebecca Marx's Best Hot Dog (2010)

Bark Hot Dogs

It would be easy for Bark Hot Dogs to slap a Tofu Pup in a bun and call it a day, but the restaurant's conscientious sourcing extends to its veggie dogs, too: Bark uses Field Roast Grain Meat, which is the Pat LaFrieda of the veggie-wiener world. The dogs are fat, juicy, and firm, and built from potatoes, onions, sage, ginger, and apples. Slow-roasted in olive oil, the dog is stuffed in a warm Pepperidge Farm bun and smothered with a mash of roasted mushrooms, chickpeas, and lentils. Lubricated with a squidge of pickled garlic mayonnaise, it's both delectable and original—proof that an old dog can learn new tricks.

Location Details

474 Bergen St.
Brooklyn NY 11217


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