Given all the hype accompanying Ben Sargent's not-so-secret lobster roll delivery service, it's easy to forget what made people get worked up about the Underground Lobster Pound in the first place. Until, that is, you eat one of the lobster rolls. Sargent, a/k/a Dr. Claw, gets all of the details exactly right: He butters and toasts his Pepperidge Farm bun and then does nothing but cram it full with crustacean, season it with Old Bay, and anoint it with a bit of Hellmann's. The freckled meat is impeccably fresh, the bun shines with butter, and the whole thing is so wonderful that it may make you forget that you're not on a stretch of Maine coastline, but in Greenpoint.

Location Details

284 Van Brunt St.
Brooklyn NY 11231


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