Rebecca Marx's Top 10: No. 8 (2010)

Mimi's Hummus

Though Mimi's Hummus is known primarily for the magic it works on chickpeas, it also serves a kickass rendition of shakshuka, the Moroccan tomato stew with sunny-side-up eggs. At Mimi's, it's served in a scorching-hot cast-iron skillet, which makes the stew bubble and hiss mellifluously as you attempt to get it in your mouth. The tomato stew is spicy and fragrant with cinnamon, and the egg yolks are liquid sunshine. Mashed together and sopped up with pieces of fluffy pita, the whole thing renders the invention of eggs Benedict completely irrelevant. Plus, it's served with a cold cucumber and tomato salad—just the thing to put out the fire.

Location Details

1209 Cortelyou Road
Brooklyn NY 11218


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