Sarah DiGregorio's Top 10: No. 7 (2010)

Red Apple Fast food

There are all sorts of oyster pancakes—eggy renditions popular in some parts of China and Southeast Asia, and the jiggly, potato-starch Taiwanese versions—but the fried Fujianese oyster pancakes are harder to find, despite the proliferation of Fujianese restaurants. So I was excited to stumble upon Red Apple Fast Food, where not only do they serve the UFO-shaped rice-flour fritters, but they also do them right, stuffed with oysters, scallions, and ground pork, and fried crisp with peanuts embedded in the crust. Grab a wax-paper bag and help yourself to as many oyster cakes as you can eat before they get cold. (They're best straight from the fryer, and with a dollop of Sriracha.) For only 70 cents each, there's no better snack in Sunset Park.

Location Details

4817 Eighth Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11220


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