It's doubtful that Louis Armstrong's Corona home would have made Architectural Digest when he bought it, let alone today. The modest house in a thoroughly middle-class Queens neighborhood is the inverse of today's celebrity culture, despite the fact that Armstrong inhabited it when he was one of the most famous musicians on the planet. But it's absolutely charming—a modest, humble tribute to the man as he actually lived his life. Managed by nearby Queens College, the Louis Armstrong House Museum has a wonderful collection of the great trumpeter's papers, recordings, and artifacts (including the bizarre results of his personal love of making collages, which he constructed on boxes of hundreds of reel-to-reel recordings). It's geeky enough for serious scholars and fun for even casual listeners of jazz. Though he rose from the poorest part of New Orleans, it's hard to imagine anyone of Armstrong's stature living in such modesty in New York City. And yet here's his house, in the same residential neighborhood where Archie and Edith Bunker and their real-life counterparts lived.

Location Details

34-56 107th St.
Flushing NY 11368


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