Best City Hall Press-Room Veteran (2010)

David Seifman

A steady stream of reporters flow in and out of City Hall's Room Nine and its basement annex. Detailed there by their newspaper bosses, they are condemned to endure and record the nonstop circus of mayoral and City Council pronouncements. Most eventually stagger away, relieved of duty before the horror of petty political posturing induces traumatic brain injury. But some thrive in this ring of purgatory. There's no sign of battle fatigue in the New York Post's David Seifman, who has been at his desk since 1982. He sits there flipping his pen, end over end, high in the air, catching it perfectly as he joyfully mulls the latest bad-news budget trend or a delightful new overtime abuse. His targets are the ones who suffer the damage: This year, Seifman's stories about Mayor Bloomberg's decision to let a top political aide swipe a million bucks from his re-election campaign sparked the best kind of investigation a journalist can cause, one into a crime that the victim, the prosecutor, and the defendant would all have happily ignored were it not for Seifman's relentless hammering away in the Post.


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