Best Cyber-Prison Breakout Artist (2010)

Bernie Kerik

Say this for Bernie Kerik, the former police commissioner whose many lies and crimes led him to plead guilty to fraud and receive a four-year sentence: He hasn't let prison shut him up. From behind bars in the federal detention center in Cumberland, Maryland, Kerik has filled us in on all those gripes and opinions we'd hoped to be spared once he became prisoner No. 84888-054. The Bernard B. Kerik blog ( has informed us of his recommendations on how to run the Afghan war, keep Iran from getting the Bomb, and prevent crime ("Naturally, I am disappointed in the American criminal justice system"). He has also—repeatedly, and shamelessly—expressed his opposition to the downtown mosque. This from a man whose many misdeeds included using an apartment near Ground Zero intended for rescue workers as a trysting place with not one but two women who were not his wife. He is one more reminder of the Web's decidedly mixed blessings.


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