Best Downtown Place to Pee When You Really Have to Go (2010)

Crate & Barrel Soho

You're shopping, killing time, or just meandering through the streets of the city below 14th Street, aimless but happy and feeling oh-so-New-Yorky and alive with possibility . . . when suddenly you realize the large bottle of water you've kept yourself healthily hydrated with is making its presence felt. Where do you go? The one or, maybe, two bathrooms at Starbucks will inevitably have a line. Restaurants don't approve. Most shops don't have them—at least not for your use. You might be able to sneak by at a bar, but you'll feel like you're about to be caught the whole time—or you'll have to buy a drink, which will only continue the process. Enter Crate & Barrel Soho. Wend your way through the store's bottom half, up the escalators, and take a sharp right, toward the wall facing Houston Street. Walk along it until you meet a large, propped mirror marking the entry point to the bathrooms, men's and women's, with several stalls each. Added benefit: They're clean, well-kept, and you rarely have to wait. Shhh . . . let's keep this our secret. And if you decide you simply must have a new lemon peeler on the way out—or that, in fact, you don't—no one is any the wiser.

Location Details

611 Broadway
New York NY 10012


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