Best Environmental Gunslinger (2010)

Eric Goldstein

It's one thing to spend decades fighting the good fight on urban environmental causes when the odds are always stacked heavily against you, what with the endless supply of lobbyists that megacorporations and giant utility companies can harness on a moment's notice. It's quite another to do so and actually win a few of those battles, while remaining cheerfully upbeat at the same time. Eric Goldstein has managed to pull off that hat trick while championing environmental issues in New York for more than 30 years. He has helped win increased recycling and cleaner water, while battling threats like upstate gas drilling and helping to rescue the steadily vanishing marshlands of Jamaica Bay. He even co-wrote a book on the topic—The New York Environment Book. A senior attorney at the Natural Resources Defense Council, Goldstein has been helping New Yorkers breathe easier for years, starting with his fight in the 1980s to get the lead out of gasoline.


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