Best Gold-Digger (2010)

John Paulson

John Paulson has the kind of Midas touch that turns gold even more golden. Infamous for having turned billions in profit by betting against America in the 2007–08 subprime-mortgage disaster—he bet that the housing market would crash—he then hired former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan as an adviser to help him weather the resulting Street meltdown and possible blowback. While the hedge-funder's partner in alleged crime, Goldman Sachs, got nailed by the government for illegally betting against America, Paulson skated. These days, with his hedge funds not doing as well as he would like, he is snapping up as much gold as he can. And at record prices, it's worth more than ever. Usually only conspiracy nuts go crazy about owning gold; they fear that the world's economy is going to crash and that only precious metal will still be precious. Paulson probably knows the end-times are near. He'll survive.


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