Best New Waterfront Park With Echoes of the Past (2010)

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Many people are raving about the new park that is steadily expanding southward along the old piers below the bridges on the Brooklyn side of the East River—and for good reason. Brooklyn Bridge Park lets you get so close to the river that you end up thinking like Walt Whitman, even if you never read his lines about "the current rushing so swiftly, and swimming with me far away." Architecture critics have praised the new paths and grassy hills. But there's also another little-noticed section that's equally pleasing to the eye: Just south of the old Pier One, designers left behind a couple hundred wooden pilings from the old pier. Gulls and cormorants use them as perches, the waves from the ferries crash against them, and they rise and disappear with the tides like phantom reminders of the working docks that Whitman once walked.

Location Details

1 Main St.
Brooklyn NY 11201


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