Best Place for a Free Hot Meal (2010)

An Angel in Queens

President Obama recently honored Jorge Munoz with the Presidential Citizens Medal for running what may be the city's best deal on hot street food. Munoz, a school-bus driver, runs An Angel in Queens, which distributes scores of hot meals six nights a week, plus breakfast for 200 on Saturdays (plus sandwiches on Sundays, his "day off"). It's all free, and though he mostly feeds day laborers, he gives meals to whoever asks for one under the elevated 7 train in Jackson Heights. Munoz—who goes by the nickname "Colombia"—is a former illegal immigrant. He and his mother prepare all the food, and pay for it from his $35K-a-year full-time job, plus donations, making as much food as donations provide and his small kitchen can produce. And the reward for his work? "You have to see their smile, man. That's the way I get paid," he told the Times. 73rd street and Roosevelt Avenue, Queens,

Location Details

73rd St. and Roosevelt Ave.
Flushing NY 11372


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