Best Uploader of Geek Culture and Music (2010)

Joly MacFie

After keeping London awash in badges and pins from punk and post-punk bands, Joly MacFie headed stateside in 1983 to continue the pin trade, later gearing up with a video recorder in 1997 to start the Punkcast site, recording Gotham's burgeoning millennium-era scene, including early Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Moldy Peaches gigs. By its 10th anniversary, Punkcast had served up more than 1,000 shows online and on local cable. MacFie's work was unique: He splurged on high-quality multi-mic audio, let bands retain the rights to their videos, and posted material online with a Creative Commons non-commercial license. Recently, he has documented NYC's free jazz and avant scene through his YouTube channel, and he remains immersed in nerd culture, serving as the secretary of the Internet Society's local chapter (occasionally broadcasting its tech committee's hearings). He is also updating his tech creds, transitioning to high-definition and multi-camera shoots.


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