Perhaps you thought that sibling squabbles ended in late childhood, once taunts such as "I'm rubber and you're glue!" and "I know you are, but what am I?" faded into fond memory. Think again. Late last year, siblings Richard, Martin, and Anne O'Connell had a very nasty spat that led to Martin's ouster from longtime Park Slope institution Café Regular, leaving the locals bereft of his celebrated cappuccinos. Some commenters on Grub Street went so far as to suggest a "Save Martin" campaign, but they needn't have worried. Just six months later, Martin unveiled Café Martin in a Fifth Avenue storefront in Park Slope. (The location, formerly the home of a very depressing sex-toy boutique, is almost exactly between his sister's two boîtes, which must have seemed a great inducement.) Now, locals are no longer deprived of his graying locks, sardonic expressions, and deft barista skills. In addition to velvety brewed coffee, the new spot features tiny tables, pendant lights, a flaking tin ceiling, back issues of The New Yorker, and a copy of The Divorce Sourcebook. Might we instead suggest Siblings Without Rivalry?

Location Details

355 Fifth Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11215


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