Best Insider Method of Getting an Unfair Discount at Department Stores (2010)

Show an out-of-state ID for an instant storewide 10-percent-off coupon

It's one of the great mysteries of New York that so many tourists flock to our iconic streets only to head straight into big-box stores. Really, hordes of Midwesterners ambling with linked arms down our narrow sidewalks, you've never been in an Old Navy before? You can't miss the chance to purchase another $20 cheesecloth pair of underwear from Victoria's Secret? Hey, whatever works. But locals can also take advantage of retailers' tourism opportunities, if they once also entered these teeming shores as foreigners and still have keepsakes from their past lives elsewhere: At the Tourist Center counters of Bloomingdale's and Macy's, anyone can show an out-of-state ID for an instant storewide 10-percent-off coupon. No record is taken of these coupons, so abuse them as often as you can stomach Herald Square. It's the American way.


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