With so many nail shops in the city, most people go to whichever one is most convenient, but a bit of extra travel may actually reduce the number of times you have to hang around to get a hangnail fixed. Sakura Nail & Spa has a particular way of doing a manicure that is advertised as being healthy for your nails and making your manicure last longer. It uses a product called Calgel—supposedly all the rage in Japan and Europe—that won't let your nails peel or chip and doesn't interfere with the nailbed's growth. Onward to stronger nails! The Calgel is used on either the tips or the entire nail, it comes in more than 80 colors, and it dries in 15 minutes. The coloring looks different from the average nail polish because of the gel substance—your nails take on a fresh and slightly glittery look. Here's the best part: Your manicure may last for up to a month.

Location Details

1709 2nd Ave.
New York NY 10128


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