With the rollout of the iPad and each new version of the Kindle, the idea of opening a bookstore is akin to opening a typewriter shop at the beginning of the dot-com era. But to open a small, independent bookstore seems even more suicidal. Yet Greenlight Bookstore, in the heart of Fort Greene, has done just that: Converting an old insurance office, the owners of this indie bookshop opened it partially with a grant won from the Brooklyn Public Library. They don't even try to compete with Amazon, instead supplying a selection of tasteful, literary reads that appeal to the relatively young and bookish neighborhood. Aside from a massive Barnes & Noble in Park Slope, downtown Brooklyn is woefully devoid of bookstores, and Greenlight fills the gap. Its Brooklyn section offers a great selection from the borough's flourishing literary scene, with many of the authors they highlight (Jonathan Lethem, Jonathan Safran Foer, Jhumpa Lahiri, Dave Isay) regularly reading in-store. This kind of bookshop might not last forever, but, as long as it does, we'll take advantage of the wonderful free gifts it offers for every $250 you spend there. (For the record, we've already earned two such gifts since it opened last fall.)

Location Details

686 Fulton St.
Brooklyn NY 11217


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