Perhaps you fancy yourself an urban cowboy—well, minus that whole embarrassing mechanical-bull-riding sequence. But where can you find the appropriate outfit? Well, take your jingle-jangling spurs down to Sunset Park and say "howdy" (or is it "hola"?) to the extraordinary Zapateria Mexico, which boasts the clothing and accessories to transform even the biggest city slicker into someone who at least looks like a saddle-sore vet. The store stocks scores of boots for caballeros and caballeras and even caballitos. There are baby-blue ones, soft pink ones, pale silver ones, and bright red ones—and those are just the men's. And while regular old leather is fine for your stirrups, these boots are made from snakeskin, ostrich, and alligator hide. In addition to footwear, the shop does a brisk trade in fringed suits, snap-button shirts, colorful sombreros, pistol holsters, and weighty belt buckles that feature eagles, pot leaves, and the Mexican flag, often in combination. Now, if you can only find somewhere to stable that horse of yours.

Location Details

4505 5th Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11220


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