Best Place to Buy Something New for a Date (2010)


You know how it goes. You've got a drink date with a new fellow, or maybe you've got a drink-and-dinner date with the same old fellow, but you are just bored to tears with your current wardrobe situation. You only need the perfect top, or maybe the perfect skirt—or even a dress—to put the swing back in your step and have you date-ready by evening. Hey, even better—maybe that top/dress/skirt could be all three with some creative styling, all for, say, $150 or so? Kathy Kemp, who designs for and owns the chic East Village shop Anna, is a master at hand-making clothes that can convert from sweater to dress, or top to cape, while also making you look like a million bucks for seriously not that much. (In New York City, an original designer dress that also functions as a sweater for $200? Where else can you get that?) Kathy is totally laid-back and cool-but-warm, and the small store always smells amazing thanks to her selection of scented candles. Sometimes the shopkeepers will even entice you with red wine. And we've never seen someone else wearing what we've bought from here. Sold.

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Location Details

150 E. 3rd St.
New York NY 10009


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