Best Place to Feel Like Don Draper (2010)

Truman's Gentlemen's Groomers

There's something about the Mad Men character Don Draper that makes us want to be a man like him—or be with a man like him. But since this fictional advertising exec from the '50s lives solely on the small screen, we can't ask him how he gets his perfect grooming, perfect hair, smooth face, and all. Real-life versions of Don Draper can go to Truman's Gentlemen's Groomers, which opened a couple of years ago in Midtown East—it's a salon that caters not only to "professional men," metrosexuals, guidos, and other tasteless overdressers, but also to the men who care about their appearance. The place's slogan says it all: "Nothing is more sexy than a well-groomed man." While waiting to be seen, get pampered by an open bar: Scotch, whiskey, wine, coffee, soda—there's no guilt about drinking before noon. Read your GQ or Esquire, have your shoes shined, and then get primped, spa-style. Yes, you can also get just a haircut. After a busy day at the office, now you can feel as if a sophisticated and debonair version of yourself is only a shave and haircut away.

Location Details

120 E. 56th St.
New York NY 10022


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