You want to spruce up your home with some new furnishings, but don't have a ton of money? You can either start Dumpster-diving or take the N train to Astoria, to Build It Green! NYC. This 18,000-square-foot warehouse is stocked with everything from movie props to antique lighting to wooden doors—all materials that may have ended up in landfills if it weren't for the staff of this eco-conscious nonprofit, who take donations from developers, wrecking crews, film studios, universities, and you. If you're doing a little remodeling, you can call up the store's deconstruction crew, who will expertly dismantle and take away your donation, whether it's a toilet or hardwood floors. Recent great finds in the store include pristine glass tabletops for $100, a pool table for $50, wooden church pews for $200, and sturdy wooden chairs for $10; they also regularly stock discarded designer appliances and furnishings for terrific prices. Feel-good bonus: Build It Green! NYC, which is sponsored by the Community Environmental Center, donates all proceeds to the CEC's environmental education programs at Solar One.

Location Details

3-17 26th Ave.
Long Island City NY 11102


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