Best Shop for the Urban Gardener (2010)

Sprout Home

A birdhouse made out of a cigar box, a vase shaped like a grenade, and a glowing bunny statue are just a few of the quirky treasures we fell in love with on a recent visit to Sprout Home, the best shop for the fun-loving urban gardener. Whether you have room for only a few houseplants or have an entire backyard garden to fill, Sprout offers a huge range of options and a friendly staff to help you choose. Well aware that New Yorkers are busy people, the shop is big on low-maintenance plants (read: hard-to-kill) that are also eye-catching—for instance, imagine the compliments you'll receive with a twisted brain cactus (yes, it really looks like a green brain) as your centerpiece. Stock up on organic seeds and soil as well as glittery rocks to add sparkle to your garden. Great gifts for new green thumbs include the Eggling from Japan, an egg-shaped pot stuffed with seeds and soil (simply crack it and add water), and the Blooms in a Bag Organic Mini Sunflower Garden Kit. The staff also offers free classes about once a month on subjects such as composting and making your own hip terrarium.

Location Details

44 Grand St.
Brooklyn NY 11211


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