Best Street for Boutique Shopping (2010)

7th Street

From Second Avenue to Avenue A, 7th Street is sort of New York City's version of a quirky, independent mall in a two-block area—at least for women's shopping. There's consignment store Tokio7; bridal shop Angelo Lambrou; Fab 208, which features vintage budget finds, owner-designed dresses, and accessories; and AuH20, a boutique for "recycled and socially conscious style"—plus funky art/jewelry boutique the Shape of Lies near First Avenue. Closer to Second Avenue, you have Barbara Feinman Millinery for all your hat needs. And if you head to A, there's Outlet 7, which offers a range of designer samples, often half off; Red, for women's wear, hats, jewelry, and bags; Sophie Roan, for cooler-than-school independent designs; and TTL Annex, for streetwear. In short, there's more than enough to get your shop on without having to power walk the length of an actual you-know-what. (Two blocks away, 9th Street from Second to A is also a great boutique shopping bet.)


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