We've sort of had it with the online onslaught of movie rentals and download sites. Whether it's Netflix's "Stream It Now" option or Blockbuster's new kiosks or Hulu's offer of free movies only to charge you for the next, it does get rather annoying to watch a movie on your laptop or have to buy a cable to connect the computer to your television. Yearning for an actual video store, like in the old days? We Deliver Videos offers delivery (and pickup) right to your doorstep if you live between East 50th and 100th streets or between West 72nd and West 97th streets. And what a bonus: The employees know their movies. Vague guesses on your part yield just the movie you want. And that's from a big selection of not only mainstream movies but also rare TV series and foreign flicks. Roll 'em!

Location Details

1716 First Ave.
New York NY 10128


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