There's nothing like watching the city from the air, but going up in a helicopter can set you back hundreds of dollars for just a few moments' glimpse. A much better option is to treat yourself (or someone you really love) to a gift certificate from Century Air flight school in New Jersey. Century is a renowned school for pilots and takes training seriously. The $200 hour-long flight is more than worth it. Leaving from Essex County Airport in New Jersey, you'll fly over Newark's runways and circle around the Statue of Liberty, with police, news, and tourist helicopters fluttering just below you. Cruising in a four-seat Cessna at 1,500 feet is a totally different sensation from flying commercially in a jet. There's also nothing like crossing the George Washington Bridge at the same elevation that Sully did. It's not a cheap date, but, for far less than the price of a chopper ride, you'll see the city for much longer, learn a little about how to fly a plane, and—if you're lucky—get to take the controls for a moment.

Location Details

Essex County Airport
Tuckerton NJ 08087


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