Best Way to Increase Your Cup Size Without Going Under the Knife (2010)


If we learned anything from the tragic, alien-looking Barbie doll that is Heidi Montag, it should be that plastic surgery doesn't repair every flaw. In fact, if a fuller and perkier rack is all you want, it doesn't have to be as painful and expensive as you might think. An extreme, yet natural, makeover may require only a new bra. Ripplu, in the Flatiron District, sells lingerie and undergarments and specializes in Japanese custom-made bras that give you a bigger breast size. Seamstresses (some call them "miracle workers") tighten the straps and gather back fat into the bra cup itself. The magic is that once you squeeze into the bra and are securely in it, you'll have a better posture with less fat on your side because the bra is that tight. Although these special bras are slightly more expensive, they may be worth the price, because you will wear them every day for the next couple of months in order to see the results faster. Once you notice the bra becoming loose on the sides, you return to Ripplu for a free tightening. Later, after months of wearing the bra, you'll notice that your breasts are fuller and therefore you need a bigger one—some call the next step in the transformation "graduation," in which the staff congratulates you on being able to buy a new and bigger cup size.

Location Details

575 5th Ave.
New York NY 10017


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