If you love fruit of the vine, you will Love-with-a-capital-L Discovery Wines, a giant (for New York) or humongous (for the East Village) wine emporium that offers a range of bottles for all price ranges and palates, from pretty much every country that has ever had a vineyard, Japan included. A large portion (70 percent, in fact) of its wines—which owners Scott and Tim select personally with an eye toward smaller producers—are below $20, and the store offers (generous, free) tastings throughout the week, so you know you're buying what you like. The chilled-wine section is extensive as well, and. if you ever need help picking something out, the employees are available, but never pushy or in-your-face. And the shop is bright and airy, with plenty of room for wandering pleasantly in search of the night's drink(s). Our favorite pick for both budget and taste is Hofer's liter bottle of Grüner Veltliner (just over $10!), which Discovery stocks in high volume. Oh, and there's liquor, too.

Location Details

16 Avenue B
New York NY 10009


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