Best Boardwalk for Running (2010)

Staten Island Boardwalk

You don't have to fly to Florida to go to South Beach. The two-and-a-half-mile Staten Island Boardwalk, the fourth longest in the world, runs along Staten Island's own South Beach, one of the city's most pristine and underutilized waterfronts. The boardwalk is great for running, especially for those trying to get long runs in with a change of scenery. It's wide and so open that you feel like you've escaped the city altogether. Heading west, you can watch ships coming into the harbor, see New Jersey, and look out toward the open Atlantic. If you're the type of New Yorker who gets nervous leaving town, just run toward the east, where you have a great view of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. The newly repaired wood planks are great to run on—better on the knees than the asphalt is, and easier on the joints than sand is. It's about a 20-minute ride on the SB51 from the St. George Ferry Terminal, and, given that you can get there with your MetroCard, a lot better for a beach run than schlepping out to Long Island.


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