Best Giant (2010)

Steve Smith

Was there any New York Giant who wasn't a disappointment last season? Well, yes, there was one, and he came out of nowhere to earn the team ball—which was only fair because he caught so many of them. Wide receiver Steve Smith, a former USC star who got his big chance to play full-time thanks to Pistol-Packin' Plaxico, was about the only thing that went right for the Giants last year. How good was he? He caught 107 passes, exactly 50 more than Mario Manningham, the team's No. 2 receiver. That number is all the more impressive when you consider that over the second half of the season, after NFL defensive coordinators realized how good he was, they began double-covering him on nearly every play. In other words, Smith was so good that other teams were conceding him the short catch. How important did the Giants think he was? They threw to him on nearly 55 percent of their third-down plays last season, and so far in 2010 it looks as if that trend will continue.


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