Best Hair on a Basketball Coach (2010)

Steve Lavin

The best slicked-back style this side of a young Pat Riley belongs to new St. John's coach Steve Lavin. The poor Johnnies have languished for many years, despite being in the middle of a metropolitan area that is brimming with unbelievable basketball talent. Lavin should take care of that, and not sell his hair short—or cut it, God forbid. For the past seven years, this slick guy and his slick hair have been highly visible on ESPN, where he worked as a college b-ball analyst. Every good player knows what he looks like. And that should help him as he returns to college-level recruiting. Don't forget: He was a highly successful recruiter and coach at UCLA. One losing season, and he was out the door and onto the ESPN set. Now Lavin will comb the city for players, and he'll stay visible—those luscious locks won't hurt.


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