Best Met (2010)

David Wright

David Wright has been regarded as superstar fodder for so long, and seemingly fallen short of that level for so long, that it's difficult for many Mets fans to realize just how good he really is. He can run, field, and hit. He still hasn't gotten over his psychological hang-up with hitting for distance at Citi Field. Once again, he hit many more home runs on the road than at home—but let's not bitch. He's easily the best third baseman in Mets history, and he may be the best all-around player the franchise has ever had. Wright already holds the Mets' single-season RBI record and, by August or early September of next year, will surpass Darryl Strawberry as the Mets' all-time RBI leader. Let's all step back and try to appreciate him from a distance, like fans in other National League cities do—and then ask forgiveness for all the times we booed him.


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