Best Net (2010)

Brook Lopez

Writing about the best New Jersey Net last year (who proved to be point guard Devin Harris), we noted, "It's hard to make an impression on a 34-38 team." You think that's hard? Try making an impression on a team that went 12-70. The Nets' seven-foot, 260-pound center, Brook Lopez, may not have looked as if he made an impression on the Nets, but the rest of the league took notice. The former NBA Rookie of the Year and the youngest player on the Nets roster at 21, Lopez played in all 82 games—the only player in the league to do so—and led the team in points per game (18.8) blocked shots (1.7), and total rebounds (8.6). He also bought his teammates Cokes after each victory, though with only 12 wins it didn't put much of a dent in his salary. Not only is he one of the best young players in the league, he is one of the most entertaining. Check out "The Brook & Ryan Show," co-starring former Nets teammate Ryan Anderson, on YouTube. Our favorite: Brook and Ryan cosplay at New York Comic Con.


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